The Balcony of Miravet

Bed & Breakfast
charming house
1 room + 1 bath
no smoking
1 bed
2 guests
no children/pets
Art & History
El Balcó de Miravet

Welcome to our bed & breakfast ‘El Balcó Miravet’, a lodging in our charming house embedded in the red rock on the Ebro river, under the imposing and famous Templar castle of Miravet.

We share a comfortable room for two (2) with a wide double bed (king-size, 2×2 m) and mattress latex and ‘noisless’ base. Indirect warm lights and a dircectional reading light. Bedside table with two drawers, closet, table for suitcase and chair.

The room has a majorcan balcony to a 180º privileged panoramic view over the river and the mountains of ‘La Ribera d’Ebre’.

The apartment has air conditioning and heat pump at the bedroom, full bathroom with shower bath, bring and airy, study (little dinning room), covered terrace and access to the garden and pool all on a private floor and total privacy and covid-19 security messures adopted.

The header of the bed is presided by two ‘ignudis’ of the work of Michelangelo Sistine Chapel, painted by Joaquim, representing the antagonisms we face in day to day; beauty, contemplation and eros giving back to the violence of a competitive and individualistic world.


In this Balcony awaits a sigh,
a memory of your story to live,
an invitation to dream…


Many have passed through this house, historians of the Knights Templar as Joan Fuguet Sans, Carme Plaza, Josep Maria Sans i Travé and Alain Demurger, some musicians and singers as Lluís Llac and several renowned artists such as Nan Goldin.

For us all our guests are unique people, each with its history and its own personality. All are part of the history of this house.

Come and leave your footprint!


– Breakfast included
– Living room & terrace
– Garden
– Air conditioning
– Heating
– Microwave
– Mini fridge
– Piano (at the host salon)
– Free Internet Wi-Fi
– Books of Art and Photography
– Guide tour service on the area
– Laundry service
– Meals service at command
– Luggage transport service
– Cleaning service
– Fire extinguisher
* No TV at the room


– Latex mattress and base ‘noisless’
– Cushions Down (3 sizes)
– Natural cotton sheets
– Down Duvet
– Woolen cover
– Spotlight for reading
– Bathroom Items: cotton towels, shampoo, gel, shaving cream, toothpaste, after-save
– Hair dryer
– Nail clippers, lime and scissors
– Sunscreen, after-bite and repellents
– First-aid kit

House rules

SMOKERS NOT ALLOWED (no exception)
We recommend not to abuse of perfumes, chemicals to maintain the natural enviroment

Gay-friendly and hetero-friendly
Naturism allowed

Not suitable for reduced mobility
No children allowed
Two Norwegian Forest cats that have not access to the guest floor
Pets not allowed


– Price: from 80€ to 180€ (depends on the number of overnight stays)
– Confirmation: payment in advance
– Cancelation: up to 7 days before
– Arrival: 16:00 to 21:00h
– Departure: until 11:00 h

Phone (Spain): +34 656 266 398

Booking form

Welcome home!

Aurelio & Joaquim

Los anfitriones

We are Joaquim and Aurelio, a gay couple over 20 years living together in Miravet.
Joaquim has a degree in Fine Arts and he is high school teacher. He enjoys the garden, reading, listening classical music and play the piano. His passion is painting and sculpture.
Aurelio is local guide and the tour operator of “Lo Raco del Temple” (Miravet). He enjoys traveling, history, public relations and his passion is art and figurative photography.
Our lifestyle is based on Slow Philosophy, healthy, responsible consumption, respect for others and caring for the environment.
We like the rural quiet life of the county. Walking in the mountains, enjoying our cats and meeting with good friends and guests. But most of all we love art and creativity.

We trade in know-how to live, the art of sharing!


The red rock house

The house has been designed by us, inspired by the Mediterranean tradition and recovering the volumes from that which took place before he disappeared after the bombing of the Battle of the Ebro (1938).
The aim has been to make a green, energy efficient modern home takes advantage of the thermal red granite rock inside.
The balance of the ecosystem inside the house is essential. For this reason we fitted up and ventilate depending on the temperature, avoiding open windows when it is warmer outside.
The natural rock of the mountain inside maintains temperature (17/19 ° C) and acts as a thermal regulator throughout the year.
We have solar panels for water heating, vacuum tubes for heating and wood fireplace, plus heat pump and air conditioning.

The heat of a hearth, a loving home!

El Balcó de Miravet

Calm, art and landscape

For us this balcony is a place of peace and retreat, a place to inspire our ideas and decongest our mind from the routine and everything that saturates and exhausts us.

A place where art and landscape play a prominent role sometimes accompanied with the music and other enjoying the silence…

T H E  S I L E N C E . . .

Silence is the added value of the house and the place, perfect to read or paint a watercolors.
Turn off the phone and head for the garden, take a deep breath and relax…

and a good “siesta”…

Under the fig tree near the pool… A perfect place to rest and meditation time.

A balm to the soul!

Los desayunos del Balcó de Miravet

Our breakfasts

We enjoy breakfast on the terrace, in the lounge or by the fireplace (in winter).

Usually we eat organic quality and healthy products, especially seasonal fruit from our own. We serve tea or coffee but if weekend usually make hot chocolate with local hazelnut cream. Almond milk, oats or quinoa in place of animal milk.

Organic muesli bread and cereals (gluten free). You ideally homemade jams, cream cheese and olive oil (own production).

And to sweeten nothing better than authentic natural cane sugar and artisan honey.

If you are allergic to any food, celiac or vegetarian we will care of you. Your health and wellbeing is our concern!

Sharing breakfast with a good talk,
enjoying views and lovely weather
with the golden morning light…

That’s the most rewarding!

Los higos del Paraíso

The fruit of paradise

The queen of the garden is the fig Paradiso, Celestial variety of fig, also known as Celeste or fresh fig thanks to the sweet taste of the fruit juice, considered the forbidden fruit of Eden.
From August to September we enjoy the pleasure of these juicy figs green skin and reddish flesh. A sin for the palate!
Los gatos de El Balcó de Miravet

Two ‘forests’ at home

Farah and Thor are our Norwegian Forest Cats who have taught us to love without possessing, without invading accompany and live without relying.

“Something to die for”
said the romantic cat
when he felt in love
for the seventh time.


The opinions of our guests

We care about how you feel!

We enjoy when people feel comfortable at home. When they appreciate, value and show interest, curiosity, enthusiasm for the house, the enviroment, the heritage and history… our proposals and suggestions…

We also feel curious and like to know of you and your motivations. By signing our guestbook or leaving a review we can know about your experience and how to improve.


What can we say about Red Rock House? A corner of heaven? A dream came true?
Everything sounds poor compared to the stunning view on the Ebro valley that we enjoyed from the window of our beautifully decored, wide and tidy room, that we stared at every morning at breakfast and that we had in sight swimming in the little sweet pool on the terrace…
Our experience at Aurelio and Joachim’s amazing house has been just perfect: a relaxing and romantic shield from the frenzy of everyday life, in a place full of charme, where every single detail is a celebration of beauty, peace and art, with two kind, helpful and discrete hosts taking care of everything yet giving us the most complete privacy.
We’ll never forget ‘The Balcony of Miravet’ (the red rock house) and we hope you all have the chance to see the sun going down on the river from its windows once in a lifetime, just to remember how beautiful the world can be.
Marcelo & Irene
Roma, Italia


As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and so were the views from this lovely house. Peaceful, tranquil, and quiet were our moments spent at the Balcony. All of the little details were taken care of by the lovely hosts, even to the extent of picking us up at the station as we arrived by train.
This is a very relaxing environment and great for artists, photography, writers, or anyone looking to be inspired by nature.
If they’re lucky, they will even enjoy a midnight Thunderstorm dancing colorfully in the sky. I think we captured at least 500 pics here :)
Thank you guys! Hope to see you in the future.
Valeria & Josh
Toronto, Canada


Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us. We had a fantastic stay and we extremely appreciate of your hospitality.
You have gone above and beyond of what is expected and for that we thank you.
Kyle & Sally
Vancouver, Canada


Joaquim and Aurelio are such warm hearted people, that you have to feel at home at once at their lovely place. Their house is done with so much lovely details and the view from their terasse above the Ebro is amazing.
We enjoyed very much the breakfast with them both and hope to see them again, maybe on an exhibition of their fotos/pictures in Germany :-)
Anke & partner
Freiburg, Germany


Aurelio and his home were, without a doubt, the best Bed & Breakfast experience I’ve ever had in Airbnb.

We took a train from Barcelona; Aurelio provided a train schedule for us, a phone number for the local cab as well as the Spanish translation to tell the driver. When we arrived, the room was exactly as described and the photos simply DO NOT do the view justice.
His home will always have a very special place in our heart, as shortly after arriving, my boyfriend awkwardly dropped to one knee on the terrace with a nervous smile and a ring in his hand. Much cheering and crying later, Aurelio and his partner had made us a delicious dinner (both restaurants in town were closed) and we were all celebrating together as old friends.
His breakfasts of fruit and coffee on the terrace upstairs were simple and perfect. The village is ideal for quiet weekends of book reading, walking and day dreaming.
All the while, Aurelio was available, hospitable, welcoming and charming.

There was a moment when my fiance (!!) and I looked at each other from across the table, looking out onto the river and vineyards, drinking local coffee Aurelio had prepared for us and listening to the light opera music he had softly playing through the surround sound speakers and thought– how the hell did we get to paradise?

Both Aurelio and his partner are incredibly gifted artists who are open to sharing their art and discussing creative endeavors, which was a welcome conversation. As he graciously drove us back to the train station after two nights, I admit my heart was already heavy with nostalgia for our time there.

Do yourself a favor, book a night or two at this home. You’ll remember it forever.

Hazel & Dan
San Francisco, EEUU

Your smile is
our happines

Tu sonrisa

(that’s our secret)


Results from the evaluations of our service made by our guests on Airbnb according to the following aspects:
(what you see is what you get)
(quick response and fluency messaging)
(care and support provided)
Access & mobility:
Confort indoors:
(state order, smells, etc)
Added value:
(extras, details, surprises)
Recommendation ratio: 100%


How to arrive

By air to REUS-Barcelona airoport at 35 min
By train. The nearest station is Móra la Nova (11 km). Line Barcelona-Zaragoza-Madrid (Renfe R15). We can provide you the timetables.
Taxi in Miravet: +34 09 226 821
By car from the N420 (interior) or the N340 and AP7, A7 motorway along the coast to Hospitalet de l’Infant and following direction Mora (C44 and C12).
*WARNING: GPS browsers lead to the ferry (only open from 9 to 18h in winter and 9 to 19h  in summer). To get in not going by the ferry (or later) must be programmed BENISSANET and continue 3 km to Miravet.