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What to see in Miravet

Map of Miravet

Consult the itinerary of visit and the map of the town to find the points of interest, what to see in Miravet, where to eat, where to sleep, services, accommodations and road connections.

You will also find contact telephone numbers, QR of Miravet’s tourism website and social networks.

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Itinerary to visit Miravet

Top 10: what to see and do in Miravet to enjoy your visit.

We make it easy for you not to miss anything and take advantage of your trip to Miravet and Ribera d’Ebre.
Miravet Pas de Barca 4
The crossing boat

The best way to discover Miravet is by crossing the Ebro river through the last non-motorized boat pass, from the C12, by vehicle.

It is the direct entrance to the Plaza del Arenal and the side parking lot, where you can leave the car and begin the itinerary on foot to the castle.

* Check the service timetables.

First contact: la Barca
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The panoramic view

Cerca del parquing está el embarcadero, desde donde podrá admirar las vistas del conjunto histórico: el Cap de la Vila, el castillo y el paisaje fluvial de Miravet. Desde aquí pintó Joaquim Mir su famoso cuadro Fantasía del Ebro I y II, entre otros.

Second contact: Miravet
Punt informacio Miravet
The tourism office

Although it is not always open (due to lack of budget), go to the tourist office to find out about schedules, cultural events, restrictions, go to the bathroom or, if it is closed, consult the map of the town outside.

Arranged guided tours depart from the tourist office.

Check the map of the town
Palau de Miravet hotel casa rural donde dormir 2
Discover the Old Town (Cap de la Vila)

From Plaça del Arenal, where you will find bars to have a drink, you will start the itinerary on foot to the castle passing through the old town of Cap de la Vila, enjoying the views of the river and the monuments and corners of the historic center of Miravet: the Medieval shipyard, the Motxo portal, the Riago Coast, the walls, the mill, the commander's palace (Palau), the flood marks, the Battle of the Ebro devastated area, etc.

A walk to the Castle
Palau de Miravet galeria de arte joaquim mir 1a
Visit the arte center Joaquim Mir

Visit the Joaquim Mir art center, in the Palau de Miravet (+34656266398). This house-monument, former palace of the commander (15th century) is our most unique accommodation.

Joaquim Mir was the great Catalan impressionist painter, our Claude Monet, and he dedicated part of his work to Miravet.

Visit and stay at Palau
esglesia vella de miravet
The Old Church

In the middle of Cap de la Vila we find the arch of the medieval Aljama and the Renaissance Old Church, with the Sanqueta viewpoint over the river and in front of it the Tamarigar meander (nature reserve).

You can arrange the guided tour at +34 691561868 (Vicens Ayan).

Miravet's medieval past
Visita guiada castillo espais de la batalla del ebro
The Battle of the Ebro (1938)

Through the streets of La Paja, Banco, Ferreries and del Castell we can see the area devastated as a result of the Battle of the Ebro. Abandoned lots with the ruins of the houses that occupied them.

The International Brigades participated in the Battle of the Ebro, fighting against Fascism.

Miravet, like Corbera d'Ebre or Belchite, are the only towns where the passage of the Spanish Civil War is still evident.

Historical Memory
castell de miravet air masdeu drones
The Templar Castle

Walking up Calle del Castell to the imposing castle (10 min), passing in front of El Balcón de Miravet and enjoying the views. A path that in another time traveled knights, servants and pilgrims, armed soldiers, cannons and rifles...

This path is one of the paths of La Cameta Coixa.

Walking up to the castle
Agrobotiga de Miravet 8
Restaurants to eat and the Agrobotiga

De vuelta al pueblo puede tomar algo en las terrazas de los bares, comprar los productos locales en la agrotienda de Miravet y comer en el restaurante Molí de Xim o cualquiera de los bares.

No olvide probar los pastissets y los vinos y aceites de Miravet.

Back to the town
Miravet taller de terrissa alfareria ceramica popular artesania 1
The pottery workshops
Before leaving, you must go through La Raval dels Canterers, a trade that still lives on in Miravet. Seeing how they work the clay with their hands and the wheel, the typical pieces (jugs, pitchers...) and even arranging a wheel workshop is an unforgettable experience. You will also find them at the entrance to the town if you come via Móra d'Ebre.
Discover the pottery trade

Sleeping in Miravet, the best option!

Our most unique accommodations:
Palau de Miravet and El Balcó de Miravet.

In Miravet there is a lot to see!

The Palau and the Ebro River are an inseparable binomial. The guest house is the Joaquim Mir art center and guest house. Art and history coexist with water and landscape. A place of peace, calm and tranquility.

El Balcón is our house, with privileged views, where we live Joaquim Marsal (painter and sculptor) and Aurelio Monge (yours truly, photographer). Both lovers of classical music, art and history, our garden and hospitality.

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What to do around

The routes and essential visits in the surrounding area.

Visita guiada castillo Miravet Experience 9 1
Guided visits to Miravet and surroundings

Nothing like being seduced by history and heritage at the hands of the best guides in the territory. Guided visits to Miravet and other places of interest nearby, the spaces of the Battle of the Ebro, Horta de Sant Joan, Tivissa, Iberian towns, natural spaces, modernist wineries, etc.

A walk through history
ruta de les 3ces
Route of the 3 Cs

The circular route of the 3Cs allows you to discover the three most famous tourist attractions of the Terres de l'Ebre: the castle of Miravet, the modernist wine cathedral of Pinell de Brai and the wonder caves of Benifallet, passing through three different regions with their changing landscapes.

3 monumental sites
miravet navegar caiac en aguas tranquilas del ebro
Kayak in the river Ebro

The best way to enjoy the Ebro River and the natural spaces through which it passes is, without a doubt, by canoeing. An activity that, in Miravet, is highly sought after and is offered by various service companies.

Enjoy the river paradise
ruta meandre del tamarigar 5
Hiking and cycling routes

In Miravet there are several paths to walk along the banks of the river and the mountains. The GR99 (Camino del Ebro), the paths of La Cameta Coixa and the paths of Aubasta and Tamarigar.

Also the routes of the Sierra de Cardó and the Vía Verde (Greenway).

Breath and enjoy the nature
on menjar donde comer en Miravet
Selection of restaurants

We recommend the best restaurants to discover the local gastronomy: Molí de Xim, La Piazza, Sota de Copes, Le Loup, Pepo restaurant, Pinell wine cathedral restaurant, Sibarites, Villa Retiro, etc.

Taste the local gastronomy