Restaurants on menjar a Miravet i producte local


Where to eat in Miravet and local products

Restaurants a Miravet

Gastronomic offer of Miravet and surroundings.

L'agrobotida de Miravet (producte local)

Sale of local and artisan products.

Productes de Miravet

Oil and wines, pastissets, cherries and flowering.

La clotxa, menjar tipic de Miravet i la Ribera d'Ebre
The "Clotxa"

The traditional food of the Ribera d'Ebre.

Miravet cherries

Did you know that more than 300 varieties of cherries are grown in Miravet?

Miravet produces 40% of the cherries in Catalonia and is one of the towns with the greatest variety in the world.

The whole region of Ribera d’Ebre is fertile and generous in terms of agricultural products: peaches, cherries, almonds, oils of different varieties, dry and sweet wines (vermouth), almonds and even in Miravet begins the cultivation of oranges from all over the Levante peninsular.

Where to eat in Miravet

Taste our gastronomy and local products.

Restaurant Molí de Xim de Miravet

Molí de Xim

The best restaurant in Miravet

The restaurant Molí de Xim is the one who offers catering to our accommodations El Balcó and Palau de Miravet.

They have a varied menu with local products of proximity and quality. And in season you will find the typical dish of the Ribera d’Ebre: the clotxa*.
The meat they serve is from their own farm (Paquita butchery) and the oil is from Àrgoles.
For more information please visit their website
Servei de càtering del restaurant Molí de Xim al hotel Palau de Miravet
Catering service at Palau de Miravet

TOP Restaurants

To our guests of Palau and El Balcó de Miravet we recommend the following restaurants around Miravet, for their exquisiteness and high quality, both gastronomically and in terms of service and personal attention.

Rest. Sibaritas


A delicatessen restaurant for the best palates, with a menu of the day during the week (economic) and gourmet and grand gourmet menus on weekends. You’ll see…

977 420 515

Rest. La Piazza

Móra la Nova

Excellent gourmet cuisine, Italian and Japanese (on request), with an exquisite elaboration of products, own or proximity, and unsurpassed quality.

977 403 298

Rest. Wine Cathedral

El Pinell de Brai

Inside the modernist winery itself, it is an extension of the Villa Retiro restaurant and Michelin-starred chef Fran Lopez. The place, the dishes… Exquisite!

977 426 234

Rest. Pepo


Family restaurant, simple but hungry for the dishes of excellent quality and first class service. Incredible menu and tasting menus. Delicious!

977 462 200

Bars-restaurants in Miravet

In the Plaça de l’Arenal and the Plaça Major of the village you will find three bar-restaurants.
bar amadeo

Bar Amadeo

636 462 686

rebost de lestel restaurant miravet

Rebost de l'Estel

605 108 029

Bar Mariola de Miravet

Bar Mariola

977 407 578

Restaurants near Miravet

We recommend some of the best restaurants within a radius of 3 to 12 km.
L'agrobotiga de Miravet, productes locals de qualitat


You cannot leave Miravet without visiting this gourmet shop. They have a good assortment of local and proximity products from the region and Terres de l’Ebre.
Visit their instagram where they are promoting seasonal products.

677 524 309

Salvador and Patricia

Forn artesa de pa i pastissets Vives (Miravet)

Vives' bakery

Marta and Mario maintain the family’s wood-fired bakery and make exquisite 100% whole wheat and spelt sourdough breads. The typical handmade pastissets, muffins, carquinyolis, montetes, croissants, bread, recap cake, sponge cake, floury…
You will taste the bread and pastries that we make for breakfast in our lodgings.
You will find them in the Plaça Major, near the Town Hall and the Agrotienda: 977 407 444.
Oli de Miravet extra verge Les Àrgoles

Les Àrgoles oil

The Martínez family produces an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequí, Cupatge and Picual varieties in the mill they have recovered in Miravet.
In our accommodations, El Balcó and Palau de Miravet, Les Àrgoles olive oil is present at breakfast. Also for sale, as in the stores of the village and its own store.

699 660 750

Josep Maria Martinez

Celler Pedrola, vins de Miravet (Camí de Sirga, Comanador, Poca Vergonya, etc)

Pedrola Winery

The Pedrola winery produces the aperitif wine Fantasia Mir and the wines Comanador de Miravet, which we offer in our accommodations, the Balcó and Palau, in a mutual collaboration and our original labeling. Also the wines Camí de Sirga and Poca Vergonya.
They offer guided tours and wine tasting at the winery. A visit to the vineyards, bordering the Ebro, and to the family winery, where they elaborate their wines with care for the environment; followed by a tasting to savor the typicality of their products.
oli marian tomas miravet

Marian premium oil

Marian is a premium extra virgin olive oil of superior category from the rojal variety, a native and minority variety. Intense aroma, almost perfume-like, with hints of almond, apple and a spicy and bitter touch on the palate. It is a tribute to a strong woman and fighter of the family and recovery in the foothills of the Sierra de Cavalls and the castle.
It can be found in the most gourmet stores in the country, in the Palau and in Miravet’s agrobotiga.

620 352 938

Tomàs Canals

A fruit to fall in love with

Delight for the palate


The cherry season runs from April to June and peaches from June to September.

In Miravet there are about 314 varieties of cherries cultivated and the Cherry Festival on the third Sunday of June with a pomological exhibition, cherry coques, party and a popular meal in the Arenal square.

The same day is celebrated the Potters’ Fair where the different workshops exhibit their most distinguished works.

* Tickets for the popular meal can be reserved at the Town Hall: +34 977 407 134.

Direct sale of cherries in Miravet:

Toni and Anna (at the entrance of the village): 690083660

Cherry of Miravet Sònia: 646006070

Online sale of cherries from Miravet and Tivissa. CERIMA Cherries:

Flowering in Miravet

and La Ribera d'Ebre

The month of March Miravet and the whole Ribera d’Ebre is dressed in color with the flowering of peach, plum, apricot and cherry trees.

All the fields are dressed in pink and white offering a spectacle that no one can miss. The riparian forest sprouts and the contrast between the green of the woods with the fruit trees in bloom is charming.

It is a good time to visit the region and arrange one of the guided tours offered, such as the Miravet in Bloom Tour.

691 561 868

Guided tours through the fields in bloom

Clotxa, typical food

of La Ribera d'Ebre

The clotxa is the most typical dish of the Ribera d’Ebre region. It consists of half a loaf of farmhouse bread without the dock and stuffed with tomato, garlic, onion and sardine, all grilled and with extra virgin arbequina olive oil, accompanied by a good wine of this land.

At the beginning of November, the clotxa days are celebrated in the restaurants of the restaurants Ribera d’Ebre, until the December long weekend.

It can be tasted at the Palau and Molí de Xim as a seasonal dish.

To prepare it, a ½ kilo loaf must be cut in two and the spring must be removed. The onion, garlic and tomato are poached and the herring is grilled.

The half empty bread serves us as a recipient where we will put the different ingredients cooked with the herring; the dressing will be made with a good splash of olive oil from Ribera de Ebro, that impregnates well all the bread, which we will cover with the spring.

The dish is now ready to eat. Enjoy your meal.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
– 1 ½ kg peasant bread
– 2 herrings
– 2 onions
– 4 tomatoes
– 2 heads of garlic
– Ribera d’Ebre oil

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The famous pastissets

Islamic tradition

The pastisset, breaded with angel hair, is another product that identifies and distinguishes our territory. Those of Tortosa, Rasquera and Benifallet are well known, but in all the towns you can even find chocolate ones.

The best, by popular acclaim, are those of Ca Musol (Benissanet), and those of the Vives’ bakery (Miravet).

Very typical are also the almond cakes or casquetes.

There are still those who remember that in the eleventh century, when Tortosa was a Moorish city, a great sultan of very high lineage ruled, whose taste for sweets was known to all.

As the desserts that adorned his table did not satisfy him, he summoned all the pastry chefs of his kingdom and once they were assembled he promised the magnificent reward of depositing him with his daughter to whoever made a cake worthy of his majesty.

And lo and behold, one fine day, with angel hair, liqueurs, honey… giving it the shape of a half moon and star ice cream, one of the artisans made a cake as good as it had never been seen before.

From that moment on, the pastisset became the king of pastries in Terres de l’Ebre.

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