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Festivals, fairs and races in Miravet

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Mountain Racing

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Miravet Fair

Miravet Pottery Fair

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Concerts and Exhibitions

In the castle and the Old Church

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Popular festivals

Santo Domingo, local festivals...

Miravet moves

A place to experience nature, art and culture

Miravet is synonymous with culture, music and festivities. Festive events such as concerts, exhibitions, parties and fairs in the castle, in the Old Church, by the river, on the boat and even mountain races!

Miravet Castle is the favourite setting for all kinds of cultural events. In the Romanesque chapel with its incredible acoustics, or in the interior courtyards, where ‘The Siege of Miravet‘ and Mirarock were performed. A living monument that is a cultural reference in the territory.

The concerts in the Old Church, another cultural space that is also used for exhibitions, book presentations and various events.

Plaça de l’Arenal and the edge of the river is another incomparable setting for open-air festive events, including the Miravet fair or the town’s festivals throughout the year and the three tombs .

The crossing boat is another unique and singular space, where concerts, wine tasting and festive activities have also been held.

And the natural area of Aligars-Serra Fulletera, Covalta, Les Mallades, Talaia, Xesa, Les Blores and the surroundings of the castle is where CEM La Cameta Coixa organizes mountain races. Unusual landscapes!

Art & Culture

Miravet and music…

Concerts and exhibitions

Music, painting, poetry, theatre, wine and literature come together at Miravet.

Enjoy the party

Crafts and tradition

Miravet Fair

The Miravet Fair is held on the third Saturday of May (need to consult). It offers a sample of local products, cherry, oil, wine, earthenware… in Plaça de l’Arenal.

At the Miravet Fair, the various local pottery workshops exhibit their most distinguished works. You can read more on the page dedicated to Miravet’s pottery.

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Mountain races


La Cameta Coixa race is organized by the Mountain Sports Club of the same name. An association of more than one hundred members who love the mountains and the territory.

Since 2013, every year they promote sports and cultural activities in Miravet, such as the Astro Cameta or the Nocturneta, among others.

On their website and instagram they announce the events, dates and all the information to sign up and participate. Don’t miss out!

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Cursa de la Cameta Coixa de Miravet, foto de Vicent Borras
© Photo: Vicent Borràs
Cursa de muntanya de la Cameta Coixa de Miravet
© Photo: Aureli
Cursa de la Cameta Coixa de Miravet, foto de Vicent Borras
© Photo: Vicent Borràs

Party time

Customs and traditions

Popular festivals

Summer festivals

early August

It is traditionally the feast of Santo Domingo, in honor of the patron saint of canterers and was celebrated in La Raval, but now it is a festival of the whole town and various acts are held such as the presentation of the pubilles and heirs, marquee dances, descent down the river of junk, party in the pool and the dinner of brotherhood in La Raval.

Autumn festivals

Puente del Pilar (October)

It is traditionally the festival in honor of the Virgin of Grace, patron saint of Miravet. The procession, mass and offering of flowers to the Virgin, marquee dances, music concerts, popular sardines, etc. are celebrated.

The Three Tombs

It is a day of celebration, concentration and equestrian participation consisting of the Tres Tombs parades. Horses, mounts, chariots and traditional vessels are exhibited around the Plaza del Arenal.

It is a very colorful party to enjoy with family and friends.

Each year a different date is specified, so you have to be pending.

It should not be confused with the feast of Saint Anthony, in January.