Welcome home!

A gay-friendly and singular house
where art, music and landscape
live in harmony and calm.

Come, join and love!

Ven y deja tu huella
irene-javier“Joaquim and Aurelio are real artists with a beautiful house in Miravet, a small town with charm and history. They are so friendly, those kind of people authentic and closer.”
– Irene & Javier –



“It was a pleasure to enjoy your house and the landscape of the Ebro from that so privileged castle where you live. Definitely a true gay-friendly paradise!”
– Jorge & Eduardo –
El Balco de Miravet (turismo rural)

A unique house

We are Joaquim and Aurelio and we give you our warmest welcome home, our lodging in Miravet.

Hospitality is part of our philosophy of life, especially with creative and gay-friendly people with artistic sensibility and respect for nature.

The house is a real balcony hunging over the river on the red rock, at the foot of the castle, dominating the landscape of the Ribera d’Ebre and the Priorat region.

Retrieves the look and style of the original, which did not survive the Battle of the Ebro (1938), integrated into the landscape and as environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The golden light of the morning, the birdsongs and the silence of the night with the stars and the moon over the Ebro are part of its charm.

A balm for the soul!

El Balcó de Miravet

A room with a view

We open the doors of our home and we invite you to join this place.

We all seek out a special place to find ourselves. A place to love and be loved.

This is your room, a nice place to rest and where something of you will keep forever … a dream, a pleasant memory, a part of your history…

A room facing the rising sun and a balcony from which to contemplate the river of life and breathe calm and beauty of the landscape.

It is no coincidence that the Templars established here his headquarters as is not a coincidence that you’re here now. Fate has brought you for some reason … To find out you have to come!

Come and leave your footprint!

Miravet i Joaquim Mir Fantasia de l'Ebre

Miravet, charming town

In the southern Barcelona, 150 km far and well connected by train and main roads, there is this charming little town in the middle of a magnificent region, the lands of the river Ebro, surrounded by a great landscape with hills and faming fields that remember La Toscana or the british shires.

Miravet is famous for its Templar castle, the old town and church, its pottery, the ferry boat and delicious cherries (314 varieties) but also because is the paradise for those who love canoeing.

The picturesque image of Miravet invites to enjoy and admire its beauty scenery. Dalí was here and Joaquim Mir, the great landscape painter, was captivated by the enchantment of its colorful palette. A dream for artists and lover

Fantasy of the Ebro!